A Week of Snow

A Week of Snow

March 2, 2018

Bloggers Note:  Last week technology got the best of me and prevented publication of the blog.  I had so much fun getting snow photos that I decided to go ahead and post this anyway.  So here you go!

February 23, 2018

Wow, it has been a snowy and cold week!  With snow off and on this week we have had some beautiful scenery too.  The cold clear nights make for crisp walks and just plain gorgeous photos during the day.  As I sit here this afternoon the snow is blowing and it is flying around like a “snow globe” (as Sherri Garland calls it).

The hummingbird feeders have a hard time in this freezing weather.  Attentive birders bring in their feeders at night to prevent freezing.  My trick is to keep two feeders going at once.  I trade out the frozen one for the liquid feeder each morning.  Here is a little guy that stuck close to my feeder Tuesday.

With weather being what it is “cabin fever” can set in quickly.  TV and staring at the snow can only go so far.  Here are some ideas for snow day entertainment:

  1. Puzzles, movies or books (come borrow some from here at the Gathering Place library).
  2. Card games – your neighbor might be just as bored and needing a change of pace too. Consider a neighborhood card night.
  3. Join the Saturday morning Coffee Klatch here at the Gathering Place at 9:00 am. Good conversation and coffee are here for you to enjoy.

Here are some other photos from the neighborhood this week:




Quote of the Week:

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.  – MARK TWAIN, editorial in the Hartford Courant, Aug. 24, 1897

Enjoy the week ahead.  I read that we will have temperatures in the 50’s – much different than last week.  Rain too – as usual.



  • arise

    Thanks for the map! We have year-round hummers here .. I have a picture of an Anna”s sitting on my feeder under a snow-covered dome! When I change the nectar and go to re-hang the feeder, they”ll hover about 6 inches from the end of my nose!! Hurry up, we”re hungry!” Pure delight and I”ll be watching for the newbies!

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