Yard Work Bonus

Yard Work Bonus

One of the benefits of living here at Stillwaters is having the yard work included as a part of the monthly fees.  Yesterday my yard got mowed for the first time this year and that’s always a nice reminder of this bonus.  It’s still only March but with the light winter and recent spree of sunshine brought on a major growth spurt.

Here is what the schedule usually looks like for yard maintenance:

Spring and Summer:

  1. Spray flower beds for weeks
  2. Renew bark every three years
  3. Fertilize lawn 1-2 times per year
  4. Thatch lawn as needed
  5. Test and repair sprinkling systems
  6. Mow and trim lawns

I always like to tell people you can garden as much or as little as you want here.  With all the weeding, feeding and cutting done by the yard maintenance crew, you really don’t have to worry about the care of the yard but if you want to you can plant flowers, bulbs or bushes.  The only restrictions are to “call before you dig” and make sure additions don’t interfere with yard maintenance or sprinkling system.

As you can see, many folks here add to their landscaping in very beautiful ways.  Click HERE to check out more great pictures of our landscaping at our website.

Quote of the Week:

Keeping an active mind has been vital to my survival, as has been maintaining a sense of humor. – Physicist, Stephen Hawking

Steven Hawking was born January 8th, 1942, 300 years to the date that Galileo died.    He was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gherigs Disease) at age 21 and was given two years to live.  He lived 55 years more and was an inspiration in his accomplishments, humor and his quest for knowledge.  Hawking passed away this week on the anniversary of the birth of Albert Einstein.




  • anita tidyman

    what are your monthly fees?

    1. stillwatersestates

      I will email the fee schedule to you.

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