Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers Needed!

May 5, 2018

Volunteering opportunities come along throughout our lives – whether we are busy with work life, family, semi-retired or retired.  Community organizations, schools, and community projects need volunteers to make things happen.  Whichever is the case, the opportunity often provides great satisfaction to the volunteer and is a great resource (often the lifeblood) of the organization or project.

There are volunteer opportunities in the Centralia/Chehalis that might interest residents here in Stillwaters.  Here’s a great resource to check out volunteer opportunities by clicking HERE.  This volunteer website is connected with the Lewis County United Way and therefore, is a great way to stay in tune with the need for volunteers.

Within Stillwaters there are some volunteer opportunities as well.  You can sign up to volunteer, be a back up or be on the list next time a vacancy comes up.  Here are the volunteer opportunities in Stillwaters:

  1. Monthly Newsletter Delivery: The newsletter is usually available for delivery the last day or two at the end of the month.  The request is to have delivery done in the assigned area by the first of the next month. Contact Sherri Garland, if you are interested.
  2. Christmas Ribbon Pole Wrapping: Wrappings delivered the week of Thanksgiving and request that poles be wrapped in your assigned area by December 1st.  Contact Greg Garmin if you are interested.  Call the office if you need contact information.  I can personally say this is a fun way to get the season started.
  3. Map Your Neighborhood (Emergency Preparedness) Team Leader:  The Stillwaters Neighborhood preparedness group needs volunteers.  We have divided the neighborhood into 12 areas and each area has a team leader and backup leader.  These leaders contribute about a day each year (Cumulative) for training, updating plans and meeting with other leaders.  Right now we need two team leaders and about half a dozen back-up leaders.  Contact Cindy, if you are interested.

And another way:

Another very different way to volunteer is through a medical study for the Alzheimer’s Association.  The association advertises it has more than 225 clinical studies looking for volunteers.  Most importantly, these studies are looking for people with the disease, caregivers and healthy volunteers.  Their website has a page called “Trialmatch” that you can go to and find a study right for you or you can write to them to be matched:  The website is www.alz.org/trialmatch.   The address to write to is:   Alzheimer’s Association, Attn: Trialmatch, 225 N. Michigan Ave., Fl. 17, Chicago, IL 60601.  Their motto is “Don’t just hope for a cure.  Help us find one.”

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