Nature @ Stillwaters

Nature @ Stillwaters

All around Stillwaters we have the opportunity to see nature in action most every day.  From Bald Eagles flying overhead to deer grazing through Stillwaters like it was their very own smorgasboard. Rabbits were quite prominent this year as well Baby Deer twoand year-round we have birds of all types.

Many residents feed birds in their yards and this year, Sherri (Our front office Guru) set up a feeding station just outside the office window that has entertained everyone.  Sometimes the birds swarm the feeder they are so happy for the extra food.

tree_swallow_briankushnerI have written in the past that it is a great past-time to feed hummingbirds through the winter (great entertainment) and have some stay over for the winters feast.  So don’t put away those feeders yet.  This is also a very good time of year to make sure bird seed is out for migrating birds who need to stock upRabbit on energy.

We have a new addition to the neighborhood, a Owl nesting box.  This was made by a resident and now resides in a tree on the east side of the park and pond area.  I am still not able to add new photos to the photo pool for this blog, otherwise I have a great picture of it nestled in the trees.  The box is quite large and can’t be missed on your next walk around the pond.

There are several kinds of owls that occupy Western Washington. Each one is welcomed by the fact they eat small prey such as mice, voles and toads.  They eat them whole and their body digests what they can and “disposes” of the rest in what is called a Pellet.  These pellets are dissected by researchers to study what owls eat.  Supposedly if you see the pellets the owls are roosting nearby.

Perching HummingbirdThere are three types of owls that we could likely see if they decide to use the nest box.  The barn owl (about 15 inches tall), the Western Screech Owl (10 or 11 inches tall) or Barred Owl (about 19 inches tall).  There are 3 other types of owls seen in Western Washington but they are not likely to use a human-provided nesting box.  These are the Great Horned Owl, the Northern Pygmy-Owl and the Spotted Owl.

Owls are quite interesting if you see them out and about but they are out hunting at night so you are more likely to just hear them flying by.  I have seen large owls in my travels in other parts of the United States and can testify that seeing them fly and hearing the whoosh as they go by is pretty exhilerating!

Happy Bird Watching!

Quote of the Week:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. – Robert Frost

Happenings this Week:

Thursday, September 28th: Stillwaters Potluck, 5:30 at the Gathering Place.  Bring your own plate and your favorite dish to share.  This month we will have a short program on Emergency Preparedness – timely, as this is National Preparedness month.

Preparedness Shopping List for this Week: Week Two

  1. One gallon Water
  2. One Can Meat
  3. One Can Fruit
  4. A flashlight and batteries


Fall weather is upon us.  Cool nights and pleasant days for the next week.  Enjoy!





  • Doris W-B

    Loved the owl info. Isn’t Pot Luck Thurs the 28th?

    1. admin

      Good Catch Doris! I corrected the date plus added our week two shopping list for Disaster Preparedness bag. Thank you!

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