Aging Well

Aging Well

January 4, 2019

Starting out the new year is always inspiring as a time to “start over” or star anew – diet, exercise, finances – all provide an opportunity to turn the page and start again.  I was reading an article lately about the importance of exercise, sleep, the food we eat, time for meditation and socialization are to aging well.  Simply put, these are the things about aging that we have control over and it is really up to us to do these, as we will.  However well we do these five things tends to indicate how well we fend off diseases and symptoms of aging.


The main thing about aging well is that we each have to decide what we are willing to commit to.  Exercise, for example, is something we can all do but honestly, most people do not.  How do we get motivated?  It is easy to spend too much time watching TV or movies and not moving.  It is more comfortable to sit and not endure the minor aches and pains of arthritis that comes with the cold weather.  Your doctor would tell you that is when you need to move, to fend off the aches.

Well, Stillwaters has a good deal for you.  Included in your monthly fee we have a newly renovated Fitness Room.  We have ten different machines so you have lots to choose from.  Lots of room and no waiting!

We also have exercise classes on the calendar and with this you not only get exercise but as a bonus you get socialization.  As a participant in the afternoon exercise class I can say that showing up with others for an activity is very motivating.  I know someone else is committed and showing up, so I will too.  Check out the monthly calendar of exercise classes and try something new.

Walking is a great way to exercise and this neighborhood is ideal for that.  Mostly flat streets, lots of room to walk and many times it’s a great way to meet neighbors.


Sleep is something that tends to be more difficult with age so there may have to be changes in sleeping habits to counter this.  Click HERE to read recommendations from the Mayo Clinic on how to improve your chances of getting good sleep.


This is a matter of choice as well.  Though there are many opinions on the subject, the recommended approaches include committing to a lifelong eating habit (such as Low Carb, Vegetarian, Mediterranean or Vegan) and not view it as a short-term fix.  Here are some good resources to take a

look at:

Eating Well Magazine: Eating Well Advice

From WebMD: Eat Well with Diabetes

As we age, what we eat is more important than ever.  With a little planning and organizing we can all eat better and age more gently.  I will be the first to admit that eating less healthy is many times easier (think fast food) and cheaper.  Putting more fruit and vegetables on the plate is a simple step forward in this endeavor.

One suggestion for shopping for better eating is deliberately focusing your grocery shopping to the outer isles of the grocery store – the fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy make up the majority of these isles.


Yes, that is meditation (not medication).  This is a very personal thing.  You can do formal meditation or just take time to quietly contemplate.  Either way you are doing your body good.  Calm and quiet moments are good for body and soul.  Setting aside time each day is a great way to make this a habit.


Activities here in Stillwaters are a great way to remain active and social.  Potlucks, movies, card playing, or puzzle solving – all are great ways to remain active.  There is also a lot to do in the Centralia and Chehalis community so I encourage you check this out.  Keeping an eye on the local paper is a great way to know what’s happening.

Enjoy the week ahead and let me know what kind of new things you plan to keep yourself active and aging well.


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw



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