Working in the Dream Job

Working in the Dream Job

February 20, 2019

Working at Stillwaters…

I thought it would be fun to try something different for a blog this week. I just celebrated ten years of working here at Stillwaters and I can hardly believe how time has passed so quickly. I regularly write this blog about living here at Stillwaters but I thought it was time to write about what it’s like to work here.
I asked other staff in the office to tell me their thoughts on working here at Stillwaters Estates. Sherri has been here 14 years and Julie has been here a year. Both bring unique talents and perspectives to the job. They are a joy to work with and their solid work ethic and sense of humor make this office a great place to work. – Cindy

Over 14 years ago, Diana Williams offered me a job here at Stillwaters Estates.   I was coming from a high-stress job and she thought this position might be a little boring but she hoped I would consider it.  Well, I can attest this job has never been boring!  And I have never regretted accepting the offer.  Every day there is something new here at Stillwaters.   The true blessing of the job is working with so many terrific people:  co-workers and residents!   Many have literally changed my life:  by the way they look at aging; the example they set as they reach out to their friends and neighbors; their willingness to help those in need. It’s inspiring!  – Sherri

I LOVE MY JOB! I am so blessed. Every day working at Stillwaters is fun, different and exciting.  Our residents are the most kind and caring people and I have enjoyed forming relationships with them.  It is hard to believe it has been a year since I started working here.  As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun!  – Julie

Quote of the Week:


  • Doris

    And all three of you wonderful women are a a gift to all of us. Bill and Doris

  • Jim Howe

    I read with interest your comments on re- cycling and enjoyed. Just wondering how many of our residents receive this blog and read it. I would think it would be worthwhile to publish it in the monthly paper. Just a thought.

  • Marjie and Larry Bandy

    When I need some info, just calling the women “in charge” makes me feel happy. Marjie

  • Jenny and Hank Kirk

    We are SO blessed to live at Stillwaters and to have the great team in the office taking care of SO many things behind the scenes. Thank you Cindy, Sherrie and Julie for your patience, dedication to serving Stillwaters’ residents and for your smiling faces and cheerful voices whenever we contact you! Blessings abundant to you, Jenny and Hank

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