Food Delivery Options

Food Delivery Options

With local closures and meeting cancellations we have been trying to think of creative ways to cut down on public appearances in grocery stores and restaurants. We can still support local businesses and just not have to spend time in public places. We came up with this list of places that deliver and one place you can order and pickup.

So if you have decided stay in your house “for the season” due to the virus COVID19 or just the flu, here are a few options for food and pharmacy deliveries in the area.  All of the delivery options use local shoppers/drivers so give an extra tip if you can when they deliver.

GROCERY Delivery: via Instacart 

HOW:  Safeway partners with Instacart to provide delivery to your house.   Create an Instacart account online, choose your grocery items online and pay with a credit card.  Delivery times and dates available to choose from.

FEES:  $11.99 ($7.99 fee plus $2.00 for Service and $2.00 for driver) plus costs of groceries.  First time use of Instacart on a $35 order gets you a “free delivery”.  This means no $7.99 fee.


HOW: With a few days’ notice you can get your groceries “shopped” for free.  Create an account online, pick out your groceries and check out.  You schedule the pick-up time – can be two to three days out.  Pay with a credit card.

FEES: Free, except for the cost of your groceries, of course. 

RESTAURANT Food Delivery:

HOW: Doordash works with a dozen or so local restaurants to purchase your food and deliver to your home. You create an account online, choose your zip code and restaurant type.  Then you see local restaurant options.  Pay with a credit card.

FEES:  $1.99 plus tip added to the cost of your restaurant order.

Other restaurants who deliver locally:

Quiznos:  Sandwiches, soups and salads     360-330-5100

Domino’s:  Pizza, Salads      360-807-6000

PHARMACY Delivery:

Centralia Pharmacy:  360-736-5000

Do you know of other delivery or pick up options? – Let me know and I will get the message out. Take care and have a good week ahead.

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  • Sally Thummel

    This is a wonderful idea. With Dave in his wheelchair there have been times that I am sick so we have gone without things. Hopefully Walgreens will be added to the list. Thanks for checking into these services.

    1. stillwatersestates

      I noticed that Doordash is adding more restaurants all the time so keep checking for your favorites. I used Doordash on Saturday and it worked just fine. – Cindy

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