Spring Activities to Enjoy

Spring Activities to Enjoy

April 7, 2021

Have you all noticed the spring bird activity right now. Birds are out in the sunshine and flitting about as they prepare to build nests and settle into the wait for parenthood.

Birdhouse rentals at the Mund house

We have sparrows, swallows, juncos and hummingbirds flying about and several have settled on nesting spots (we have four rental units in our bird area). I call them renters because they return each year and pick their best spots (not always the same spots).

This morning I watched and listened as a male sparrow chirped and chirped trying to attract a female sparrow to settle down with. In past years this has been a crazy-making clatter that can go on for several weeks. Being a fan of the birds and their rituals can make it easier to take but they have been known to start early and go late which can drive one a little nuts after awhile. Luckily, they move onto the next stage or move away.

We feed the Hummingbirds but spotting their nests is very difficult.

My favorite parts of this season are when nests are being built and when the eggs have hatched. The parents are so busy, first in nonstop building and then in feeding the little babies in ever-increasing urgency. With two parents feeding as the babies grow it is a wonder the parents have time to rest or eat. I admire their energy and tenacity.

Spring Bird Activity:

If you want some bird watching fun, check out allaboutbirds.org. Fun live cameras on a variety of birds. Enjoy the birdwatching.

Great bird watching right now at allaboutbirds.org

As an alternative, if you want to see others be crazy about birdwatching, watch the movie The Big Year. It’s on Netflix right now, or pay $3.99 on Amazon Prime, You-Tube, Apple TV or I-Tunes. Worth the price to see this great comedy of the annual birdwatching competition. Released in 2011, starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black.

Enjoy the week ahead – warmer weather is coming!


  • Klaus Wallis

    Beautifully presented to fellow bird lovers and care givers. Birding is one of the Stillwaters advantages. Nature in Spring is indeed breathtaking.
    Klaus and Marianne

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