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Adventures from Stillwaters

In these blogs I talk alot about Stillwaters and life within this community and this week I am going to focus on venturing outside of Stillwaters and using public and mass transit. On Tuesday Mr. Blogger and I took the train to Portland and then the light rail to the Portland airport.  This was an

Rightsizing Follow-up

Last week I wrote to you about making that move to a (hopefully) smaller house and to the idea of rightsizing (a.k.a. downsizing) your possessions.  As we get older having fewer possessions around us is a natural progression.  The challenge is that once you have gone to all the work of getting rid of things

Keep, Pass or Toss

Working as a Realtor in Stillwaters I see the challenge posed when people have to move to a smaller space and then have to decide what to do with their things.  Whether you call is downsizing or right-sizing it is an obstical that can cause many to decide not to move.  It is understandable that

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